Stories for a Winter's Night (wyntir_knight) wrote in bad_service,
Stories for a Winter's Night

Medical WTF

This is more of a WTF than a suck, precisely, but I still felt the need to vent about it a little. And I'm going to put this under a cut because it involves ultrasounds for gynecological issues, and I don't want to trigger or gross anyone out.

I have a very large fibroid in my uterus and it's caused me a variety of problems, and requires a yearly ultrasound to ensure that it's not doing anything it's not supposed to be doing. This has pretty much become routine for me now, so when the technician told me that she had a student today and that he was male, I told her this wasn't a problem. Everyone has to learn, right? And I seriously doubt that a boy young enough to be my son and blushing like an innocent is going to do anything untoward during an internal exam.

So I get into the room and the technician proceeds to ask me if I'm there for Polycystic ovary syndrome. I tell her no, that it's for a 10 centimeter fibroid and she insists that it POS until I start getting more than a little snippy. She then has me lie on the table and asks the normal questions about pregnancy, but that's when things start getting weird.

Technician: Have you ever been pregnant.
Me: No
Technician: No abortions or miscarriages?
Me: No. No pregnancies at all.
Technician: So no miscarriages of any sort?
Me: No! I have not been pregnant in any way at any time! No miscarriages!
Technician: You're sure?
Me: Yes! The fibroid's the only thing that's ever been in my uterus!

I'm just not sure how I should have reacted. It's almost like they got my chart mixed up with someone else's even though they confirmed my name and date of birth at the beginning of the appointment.

As I said, it's not so much a suck as a WTF, but it did make me rather uncomfortable with the professionalism of this technician. The student was professional the whole time, so that was refreshing. Normally they're horribly rough.

So am I overreacting and is this something I should bring up with my OBGYN? I'm really not sure ...
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