idiocencratic (idiocencratic) wrote in bad_service,

Burger King will not let you have it your way....

Here was my morning experience summed up in an eMail to the company's corporate office.

My name is ######### and I just had the misfortune to go through the Drive Thru at your Burger King Store #####.
When I pulled up to place my order I had to explain to the person taking my order what should come on the items that I was ordering. I ordered a Fully Loaded Sandwhich and a Sausage, Bacon and Egg Croissan'wich.
I then pulled up to the Drive Thru window and after paying for my food I was promptly asked by the person working the window to go around to the front of the building and she would bring me my food. Keep in mind I was the only person in the Drive Thru at this time. I asked why and I was just told "I am asking you to do this."
I found this strange as at no point have I EVER been asked to do this when getting food when I am the only person in the Drive Thru.
Now I would have understood this if there was a long line behind me and other peoples food was up. But, again, I was the only one in the Drive Thru.
I stated that I was not going to do that as it was ridiculous to ask me to do that. The "General Manager" stated that she had asked me to do it and I needed to do it as she was "not going to have me running up her Drive Thru times." I then responded that I was not going to do that so she could pad her statistics to corporate so they will think she is offering stellar customer service.
She then proceeded to argue with me and I just asked for a refund at that time.
Surprisingly all of the sudden the card swiper did not work on the cash register and she stated that she could not give me a refund. Keep in mind during this time your "General Manager" was yelling at me that she was not being rude and she had politely asked me to move. I asked for her to just give me cash since the machine was not working. She then yelled at me that she "would be damned if she would let me make her drawer short."
So at the writing of this email I have money that I was never refunded by your "General Manager", extremely poor service from your "General Manager", and one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever experienced in my life.
If keeping my $8.72 helps you to retrain this person so they are better at customer service then please keep my money.
I will, though, never return to your restaurant. And I will make sure that all 200 people at my place of work, which is right down the street from this restaurant, learn my experience and do not go there either.
I have also reported this incident to the Burger King Corporate offices.

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