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Bank WTF.

I posted here about a WTF from my bank a few weeks ago.

Update on that: one of my cards are indeed missing, but a lot are, and I suspect they were just taking them down as they called people as it's been 2 weeks and I've yet to hear from my "customer" that was "so excited".  It is what it is.

A lot of the comments suggested that I should just stay there, but that left a really bad taste in my mouth.  I got a message today that I was overdrawn.  Given that every two weeks my fiance and I put the EXACT amount we'll need in my account for various things (he doesn't have a checking of his own, only savings), I knew that there was no reason for me to be overdrawn.  I go into my account, and I was charged $5.95 for a service fee.  I've had the account for a year and never have been charged.  In fact, the teller that opened up my account chose that one specifically because it took the least amount to open up, there was supposedly no minimum, and didn't require direct deposit.  That's also the reason I closed the account I had before moving, because I no longer worked and it was a direct deposit based account, and they wanted to charge me 12.95 a month to keep it open without direct deposit.

My bank has a messaging system, so I message them and ask what the fee is for.  I just went in to check the messages, this is what I got:

Dear xchanceofrainx,

The $5.95 charge is a service fee. The fee schedule for your account is as follows:

Minimum daily balance of $100.00 or monthly direct deposit: No service charge
Without monthly direct deposit or minimum daily balance of $100.00: $5.95

Thank you,

(deleted representative name)
Secured Messaging Specialist
Woodforest National Bank

Ooookay, so that doesn't explain why I've never been charged the past year, considering I know for a fact I don't have $100 in my account daily, nor do I have a monthly direct deposit.  I do have one of my DS company commissions set up to direct deposit, but that was recent.  I messaged them back:

Sorry, but that's not a satisfactory response.  I've had the account for a year now, and I've not met either one of those requirements at any point.  I don't work, and the account was chosen for me because of the lack of fees.  If you've changed your account requirements, I've not received anything to that effect.  If I'm going to be penalized every month then I no longer wish to do business with your bank, I give you permission to close my account or you can advise me on who to contact so that I can do that ASAP.  Thank you.

It was after hours, so I won't get a response until tomorrow, but that was the final straw with them.  My fiance refuses to adult and get a checking account (he's 10 years younger than me) so I'm just going to stick with putting money in our joint PayPal account and using my business card through them since I get 1% cash back until I find a decent bank. It's more convenient anyway, because I live around the corner from a Dollar General and I can just load the money there.

ETA: They're supposed to forward my info to someone to close my account, but no one can seem to answer my question as to why I'm suddenly being charged after this long.

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