amethystian (amethystian) wrote in bad_service,

Continued Delivery WTF- now it's getting ridiculous!

Continued from my last post. In summary: delivery was supposed to come on Friday, didn't. Got rerouted for a Click and Collect on Saturday, it never showed.

I was told my parcel will be ready to collect on Monday by noon. At 12.07pm, I got a text saying that the delivery did not happen. Estimated date for new delivery: 26th June 2015.
Which, I think you'll notice, is the date from last Friday. So apparently my delivery is going to arrive three days in the past.

Sent them a complaint, got an automated "we pride ourselves in replying within 90 minutes". It's been nearly three hours (180 minutes) and no response.

I paid £8 for delivery and so far, they haven't delivered.


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