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Indy Pop Con

This is from my review I posted to their Facebook account. Hands down the worst con going experience I have ever had.

If I could give this zero stars, I would. My friend and I both bought VIP passes in May. They were 100 dollars and proved to be utterly useless. The ADVERTIZED perks of the VIP badge were that the VIP attendee would be able to line jump on 1 autograph line, 1 photo op line, and 3 panels in addition to an half hour early access to the con and access to a VIP "lounge". We bought these tickets for the line jumps, plain and simple. Did we get to use that aspect? NO. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pa. I drove in to Indiana on Friday and my friend and I got to the convention on noon on Saturday. We were told at the registration desk that they had just taken a group of VIPs back in to the signing for the Youtubers and since we were going to be here on Sunday, to just come back Sunday at 9am. We were not given a ticket nor were tickets mentioned at this point. Then we tried to attend the 4:30 panel, got there at 3:00 and waited around for them to clear the VIP section. This did not happen. Found some seats in the VIP section after having some non VIP people kicked out. Apparently people camped there the entire day. (Which by the way, is not courteous to any of the other panel presenters, and the con should have cleared out at least the VIP section.) Even during the 4:30 panel, we noticed many, many non VIP people in the VIP section. So why buy a VIP pass if you can just sneak in?

The biggest issue came on Sunday. When we arrived at 8:40am, we were told that the Youtubers signing line was already capped, and even though we had VIP passes, with this mythical line jumping power, we were not allowed to use it. We were told we had to have tickets and that we were told to arrive at 7:30am. This is a bold faced lie. Never was there mention of having a ticket and in no uncertain terms were we told to arrive at 7:30am.

We asked for a refund. We were told no. In fact, they laughed at us when we asked. Even a partial compensation, to say, a 3 day pass was not offered. Noting. No explanation. They stole our money and ran with it. A family we met from NC was threatened to be arrested and escorted off the premises for asking for a refund. Another couple was promised a refund on Saturday and they reneged on that promise on Sunday. These people are con men, and I don't mean "convention". I told the guy in charge that I was in contact with the local media and he said "good for you." I have never been treated so disrespectfully. They stole our money. They advertised certain perks for VIPS and did not deliver. That is false advertisement. They gave priority to day pass people, especially Friday attendees by allowing them back on Saturday and Sunday to sign.

The only silver lining to this monstrosity of a con were the vendors. They were very kind and helpful. They actually cared about the attendees, unlike the people running IndyPopCon. Also would like to thank Foxtrot44 aka Molly, who was an angel. We appreciate her kindness.

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