amethystian (amethystian) wrote in bad_service,

Bit of an ongoing WTF - basically, where's my stuff?

I recently qualified as a first aider so I decided, in line with that, to purchase a first aid kit of my own. Since I am a freelancer, I don't always know where my nearest first aid kit is in the building I'm teaching in, so I thought it would be best to get my own.

I order it, it says I will be notified of when the delivery driver is in my area so that I'm home. I get given an hour window, an hour and twenty minutes goes by and the driver doesn't turn up. Tracking just says "will arrive in [time window]" with no mention of delays. It takes me forever to find a contact number for the customer services, who then tell me that the delivery driver has been calling me frequently because he can't gain access to my flat.
Except he's only called once, and I have been calling him back to no answer. And my flat isn't difficult to get into- buzz entry that's clearly shown and not once did the buzzer go off.

I finally get in contact with the driver and he says his electronic signing thing was broken and he was in a neighbouring village waiting for someone to come out with a replacement. Giving up all hope of getting my kit before I leave for work, I arranged for a redelivery to a nearby shop for the next day. The company said they'd send out a text to let me know when it would be there- first thing in the morning- and I can go out to get it.

It's now mid-afternoon, I have received no contact and my tracking page hasn't changed since yesterday when I changed my delivery option. I know the depot itself isn't that far away, so there's no reason for it to not be there already.

Beginning to wonder if they're actually bothering to send it out.


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