_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

First bad service story: I hate you, T-mobile. They apparently took my bill, and decided to change it because the first time they calculated it, they forgot a few extra charges. Or so they say. Now, I barely used any of my minutes, I didn't buy any ring tones, and I didn't use all of my text messages. I was out of the country for all but 6 days of that period. So, why do I have extra charges?

Then when I was on the phone, the guy wouldn't answer my questions. Seriously, 10 times he said, "I don't know, actually... hold on" until I asked for somebody else.

Second: I was at Valero, buying gas and cigarettes. I went in, asked the lady very politely for the kind I wanted, set my credit card and my ID down on the counter, and waited. She looks at the ID, looks at me. Looks at the ID, looks at me. Looks at the credit card, looks at the ID, looks at me. So I asked her if there was a problem. She gives me back my credit card and my ID, puts the cigarettes under the counter and simply says, "Nice try". She explains that the ID isn't mine. Although the info matches the info on my credit card... no, I stole it. Yes, that ID picture is from 4 years ago. But I still look somewhat the same. I put my credit card and my ID back on the counter and began pulling out more ID's. All with pictures of me. Still, you didn't believe that it was me. Ok, so I look different in my ID pictures than in person. But, why would I have 10 cards with the same name, same info, and multiple ID's with my picture on them, if it wasn't me? Oh well, you finally sold me cigarettes but told me not to come back. I won't.

Third: I don't know why I go to Valero. Nobody's ever nice there. I went in about two months ago, got a soda, cigarettes and gas. And I am handing the guy my ID. He looks at it, laughs, and said, "You used to be really fat and ugly!" I was tempted to say, "And you still are" but I'm just not that mean. Yeah... my ID is from when I was 15. My hair was really dark red, I was "fat" and "ugly" apparently. Now my hair is very light strawberry blonde. I'm not that chubby, and I'm not that bad looking. I don't know how many people have looked at my ID and said something like, "Wow, you used to be really fat/ugly" or "What the hell happened to you?" People are great.
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