Jessica (bloodyheartless) wrote in bad_service,

Dealership Service Department Woes

My grandmother's car is a chevy, and so she insists upon having it serviced at a chevy dealership.  We usually have it serviced at the dealership she bought it from, many years ago, that's a town away from ours, roughly thirty-forty minutes away. (We live in a VERY small town.) However, not only have we become dissatisfied with their service in recent years (They keep trying to make us pay for more 'repairs' than are necessary when I take the car in. I suspect this is because I am female.), but the brakes went out completely and as we have another chevy dealership in our town, my father didn't think it necessary to pay extra to have the car towed further when "A dealership is a dealership."

I'd always heard terrible things about the Chevy dealership in our town, but had never had any personal dealings with them. Dad figured it was worth a shot. Dad called up there on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and asked if we could have it towed there and worked on. The woman over the phone was friendly, and apparently the service department agreed, but said that it wouldn't be looked at until the coming Tuesday. That's fine, we weren't particularly worried at the time because we didn't have a doctors appointment scheduled for Gram for another month.

We waited for a week, and they didn't call to tell us anything about the car. We gave them another week, and they still hadn't called. Dad called them to check on it. The service department reported that they were waiting on a part, but that it should be in and fixed that week. That's perfectly fine. We understand waiting on parts. Another week goes by with no news, so Dad calls again. They have the part, but they haven't gotten the chance to fix it yet. Uh, what? Okay..... They say they should have it fixed by tomorrow. Dad calls the next day, then service department can't be reached. He's pretty fed up with it at this point, but as we still don't -need- the car at this time, he lets it go for another week. Surely it will be fixed by the time we need it, right?

The day before my Gram's appointment comes around, and as her doctor is four hours away, we would really like to have the car back. It IS her car and she prefers riding in it much more than my Dad's pickup truck.This is the whole reason she bought the car in the first place. Dad calls, and guess what? The car STILL isn't fixed. It has officially been an entire month by this point, we NEED the car, and they have no real explanation why it hasn't been fixed yet. Dad complains, service manager promises it will be done in a few days. Doesn't really make us happy, but there's nothing more that can be done before her appointment.

He called them again today and they said that, yes! It's finally ready! Dad asks how much the repairs ended up being, and the lady on the other end of the phone said that a bill hadn't been made up yet so that she would call when the bill had been figured up. Dad waited three hours, and they still hadn't called. He called them back, and LO AND BEHOLD there is no bill, still, because they had FAILED to see that the ac also needed working on, and so the car isn't actually fixed and ready to go..............

Dad's upset because if they had just said, straight up, "We don't want to work on this car." or "We're not sure when we'll have time to work on this car." then he would have paid extra money to have it towed to the dealership forty minutes away. I'm upset because getting news about the car has become like pulling teeth, and we keep getting the run around. If it were up to me, I'd have paid extra to have the car sent to the other dealership and just washed my hands of the whole situation. Dad, however, is so fed up he's just letting it happen at this point. We didn't even know the car's ac was no longer working and now who knows when we can expect to see our car back.
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