caitie (asaintedsinner) wrote in bad_service,

a vent and a question

We moved in with my grandmother (aka gma) back in 08 after my grandpa died because she could't handle running a house by herself and didn't want to move or live in a retirement community. In the last few years, her health problems have gotten worse, to the point that some days she can't leave the house.

Yesterday was one of those days. She has a stock account with Morgan Stanley that she uses to put money into her checking account to pay the bills. She needed me to go to the bank and deposit the check and then take $200 out for her so she could pay the bills. I did this about 6 months ago and had no issue.

I started to fill out a deposit slip before realizing I didn't know the acct # that it was going into. So when I went up the window, I asked the lady if I could slide the card and put the pin in to deposit it that way (gma has BoA, I have Citizens so I don't know how BoA does it) and apologized for not knowing how to do it as I was running an errand for my grandmother, who was stuck at home.

Now, I get the security issue. I get the reasons behind it, but she didn't have to be so snarky. She yanked the check and the ATM card out of my hand and said that she was not going to allow me to use the pin if it wasn't my account. I told her that I knew the pin because my gma had just told it to me because she needed me to run this errand for her and she had bills to pay. I then pulled out my license and showed it to her because the last time I did this errand, the teller asked to see my ID to prove I lived with my gma.

This woman ... I don't know, man. She gave me this withering look and told me she had no reason to see my license and she doesn't know why the other teller let me do it. I told her that was fine, I'd use the ATM on the way out. She told me if she saw me using an ATM card that wasn't mine, she was going to call security. Fine, whatever. Safety first, I guess.

While I was standing there waiting for her to process the deposit, I asked her what we could do to prevent this from happening in the future. I mentioned that my dad is her next of kin so he is on the bank account and he had been told that only two people could be on it. I asked if there was another way for my gma to put me on the account as someone who can have access to it when needed or if we could have her sign something and get it notarized to show the teller each time I had to go to the bank for her.

The woman handed me the slip of paper with the deposit info on it and said "I don't know and I don't care. That's not my problem." I was so annoyed at her rudeness that I waited til she had turned her back to work the drive thru before scurrying out to the lobby ATM and withdrawing the cash. I tried calling BoA today, but I kept getting the run around and no answers.

So ... does anybody know what we can do? My dad works full time so he's not always available to get to the bank for her. Right now, I'm out of work because I fell in March on black ice and broke my elbow. Would a notarized letter in her handwriting help? Should I go back and wait to talk to one of the people who sits behind the desks? I'm not saying she was wrong for following policy, but she really didn't need to be so rude about it and if she didn't know what could be done to keep it from happening again, fine, but she didn't need to tell me it wasn't her problem. Gah. People sometimes.
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