Becca (theflyers) wrote in bad_service,

Falsifying Signatures!

I work by myself on Fridays because we run a Monday-Thursday schedule here at our warehouse for production guys.

So I don't receive freight on Fridays. I don't drive a forklift and most of the time I'm not even here all day long.

Today I was an idiot and left my office door unlocked when I ran to get some lunch across the street. I took my car, since I've been ill and walking longer than necessary in the heat is not a good choice. My point of that is that the parking lot is completely bare of cars. No cars. No people in sight.

So I get back from lunch and I have a delivery receipt from UPS FREIGHT. These are deliveries that always require a signature. It just says "Dropped in bay area.". I look into my shop and there's a pallet, in the middle of my bay area full of heavy crap. I'm extra annoyed because I was planning on using that bay today too, I was going to ship out things. So I had to go dig a pallet jack out of the warehouse and figure out how to use that in a cramped space, thanks for the work-out though?

Naturally I'm enraged and called to file a complaint. I will give UPS Freight customer service and their local terminal manager the respect of handling the situation well. Especially when we found out this dingleberry signed for the shipment under a false name. It has the last name was "Smith" in their electronic system. Nice move, I see you picking a really common name and hoping it works. You would have won if you were here twelve years ago, the last time we had a Smith who worked here. I however am a one person office and have less than a dozen guys working here that I do payroll for every week. So yeah, you tried and you failed. Have fun with your write up for falsifying a delivery receipt, bro.

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