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Am I the bad seller?

Just putting this out here in the community, as I'm not sure whether this qualifies as bad service or just... idk.

I'm selling heaps of old stuff on ebay because I inherited my grandfather's house. Fifty years and two generations of stuff from a three bed house = tons and tons of stuff. As a consquence, I'm on ebay an awful lot.

I sold a jumper for £1.20, and listed it on the description as

A smart blue jumper from a well known and reliable brand, this M&S item is from their Blue Habour Range. It fits a size large or 41-43 inches across the chest. It's made from a cotton blend, mostly cotton. Is in great condition!

I took the sizing straight from the label, and left it as that as I had no reason to suspect otherwise. Come back today, and got this message from the buyer:

"Hi [Snow]

Jumper arrived, it's nice, in good condition, and got here quickly, but ... " It fits a size large or 41-43 inches across the chest." Afraid not. It measures 25" a/p to a/p that's a 50" actual chest size, way too big for for a M&S L (41-43), more like an XL (44-46") despite what the label says. I blame myself for not having asked you for the a/p to a/p dimension. Please if you sell any shirts/jumpers in the future don't say "suitable for" tell people what the actual dimension is. I only paid £4.15 (incl postage) so it's not the end of the world, just a bit annoying.

[Buyer McBuyerson]."

So... the label said 41-43 inches, and because I don't have deal with men's clothing on a regular basis apart from this, was I wrong to base it on the label? I didn't know you had to measure rather than just trust it. Women's clothing is more like a lottery so... I dunno.

What says you, B_S?
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