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Update on my previous (and first) post.

I met with the store manager (SM) and the offending manger and found out some really sad, yet interesting things. One, I was one of five complaints about the toys and attitude. Second was the little snot manager tried to say that we were lying, but the manager took our sides because of  evidence and fellow employees telling the SM the same thing we did. (three of us brought in our receipts as proof that we were there etc.)

Anyways, the little snot is most likely fired because of the customer and employee complaints. One employee goes attends the same playgroup on the base (where I live) and today (a day after I spoke with the manager) she told me a few stories about this guy. None of them nice ones.

That's it. Even though the guy deserved it, I feel slightly bad for him. Just a wee bit.

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