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Gardening from the Wrong Perspective

We're cultivating a newly cleared plot of land at our house. Filling it with plants has meant patronizing both Big Box Stores™ and small local nurseries alike. Mostly it's a labor of love, but a couple of merchants have inspired moments of real WTF-ery.

About ten days ago I placed an online order with a nursery in the Pacific NW, which seemed to be taking a long time to process. After an email query they finally put the cc charge through, but chastised me that I "should" have specified the plants were needed ASAP. That was the first warning sign.

Three business days later, no tracking number had been generated (delivery to my region is strictly 3-day UPS.) I started to pull up some of this company's online reviews to see if maybe I'd gotten myself into a bad business transaction.

According to reviews on several sites, this particular company is notoriously, unrepentently, even arrogantly slow to process and deliver. To top it off: the owner is comically obsessed with haunting places like Yelp to engage people who leave negative reviews of his business, and tell them how very, very wrong they are.

He's like, the Anne Rice of horticulture.

After a private email dustup last night, the owner climbed a little too high on his horse; I told him what I thought of his attitude and business philosophy and cancelled the order. This morning I left details of my experience on a self-described "watchdog" site for bad nurseries (which was where I'd found some of the more...vivid testimonials about this company.)

It didn't take this guy but two hours to find it and post a rebuttal. I pointed out that if he was half as obsessed with actually filling orders as he was about hovering in places where people might say "OMG Meeen Things On The Internet!" about him, it is highly unlikely the bad reviews would have been generated in the first place.

I was pretty mad yesterday, but now I'm just sort of bemused and waiting to see how quickly the charges get refunded.

Caveat Emptor, I guess.
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