philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

UPS Bad Service

So I had about 6 packages coming to me via UPS. Most were clothes, but one of them was the materials for my bar review course and very important. So, anyway, my apartment complex requires everything to be signed. The UPS guy used to always come between 3 and 4, but the last few weeks they have not been following any sort of schedule.

So I'm expecting the packages Wednesday, so I come home as soon as I can. I get home at 2:15 and there is a notice on the door. So I missed the driver. However, the notice says that it is the second notice for one of the packages. Only I did not get any notice on Tuesday.

So since there is no way I can be home on Thursday, I call the phone number. I give them the info number from the notice given to me. That notice says that 4 packages were attempted to be delivered. So the person on the phone says the only thing I can do is pay $6 to have the packages delivered to the UPS store.

Now, the UPS store here is not easy to get to. I have no car, and there is no bus that goes there. But I figured I could find a ride, so I said fine and paid. And I did find a ride there today. Only to discover that only one of the packages was sent there.

So I went online, and I was able to get the tracking number for the bar review materials. I went on the website and saw that supposedly the driver made an attempt to deliver it on Thursday. He left no notice. Again. And now it is being returned to sender.

So I called customer service and tried to explain what was going on. The lady on the phone only said that even though the info notice included this package, it really didn't and it wasn't their fault that only one of the packages was sent to the store. And then she hung up on me before I could even finish.

I've emailed them. Their stupid email system only allows 500 characters, but I tried to make it as strongly worded as possible. We'll see what happens. But I'm really pissed off. I need those books. I'm mad at the diver for not leaving notices and for the person on the phone not doing what he was supposed to do and for the second phone person being unhelpful and hanging up on me.

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