Jen (jenria17) wrote in bad_service,

AT&T DSL Bullshit

I'm so frustrated with them I could spit. Let's see if I can write this concisely.

December 2014: We've bought a new house! Yay! Had Uverse, but it's not in the new area. Settle for AT&T DSL. Call and set up an account for when we move in.

2 days later: Settle on Directv for TV. Realize they have a deal with AT&T for $10/month. Cancel account #1, go through Directv for account #2.

2 days after that: Discover that instead of canceling account #1, they signed us up for account #3.

Cancel all extra accounts except account #2. Turns out, they kept account #3, not #2. With an activation date for a week after we needed it. Call. Speak firmly. Get account #4 with the correct activation date.

Now have 4 modems. Send back the 3 extra. Get DSL set up.

January 2015: Apparently one of the accounts cancelled was the one linked with Directv. $10/month credit gone. Ugh.

Feb. 2015: Random $150 charge on account. According to their records we had a Technician Visit for House Rewiring on Jan 16th. Um, no. Definitely not. Call, told that the charge would be removed.

March 2015: Charge still on bill. Call again. They can see where I was told it was going to be removed, but that it was still there. Promise this time they mean it.

Late March 2015: STILL THERE. Call AGAIN. They can see where I was told it was going to be removed, but that it was still there. Promise this time they mean it.

Tonight: STILL THERE. Attempted internet chat (bored, I guess?). Guy kept trying to explain *why* the charge was there, and *what* the charge was for, without bothering to listen that I'd been through all this before.

Tomorrow: Look for new internet. I'm completely done with this.

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