charuby (charuby) wrote in bad_service,

My mum got some bad service today. I was at another till at the time, being served by a nice cashier. My mum got a not so nice cashier. My mum's cashier was talking to another employee who seemed to be doing nothing. Apparently they were talking about their private lives, as opposed to work related things. My cashier asked me if I wanted my coat hangers, but my mum's cashier did not. She also wrapped my mum's clothes scruffily around the hangers and shoved them inside the bag while her head was turned because she was too busy talking to her colleague.

I mean, I've been a cashier for ten years and have worked with clothes for as long, and you just don't do that. You don't have to be an expert at folding but for God sake don't treat your customer's new clothes like trash. And focus on your customer. Don't ignore them, and especially don't talk to your colleagues instead.

I said we ought to go back and complain to a manager, but my mum didn't feel like she had the energy.

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