ljmydayaway (ljmydayaway) wrote in bad_service,

Time Warner, Again, Because Of Course

God forbid anything ever go right with Time Warner.

I called in Feb. 25th-ish trying to cancel my account. They told me to just bring my stuff to a TWC office and they'd close it for me.

I go in March 2nd (I think, or it might have been March 1st) with the equipment in tow, wait 40 minutes to get to a rep, give him my stuff and he tries to put in my cancellation. It tries to put it in as March 25th; whoops. He runs, gets a supervisor, is gone for another 5-10 minutes, comes back and closes the account, and has me pay $30 pro-rated for the cancellation date he puts in. He says everything is groovy, I'm all paid up and don't have to worry about anything.

I'm moving, so things are crazy. Suddenly I get a collection agency notice from TW for $30. Wtf, I think, I already paid this.

After speaking with them on the phone, basically, the last rep was "mistaken" and I have to pay the extra $30 because of some mistake THEIR rep made. So, his fuck up is somehow my fuck up, and I have to pay extra for it?

This isn't my first encounter/issue with them. Last yearish I dealt with them for THREE WHOLE MONTHS trying to get a very simple issue fixed. THREE. WHOLE. MONTHS.

They're refusing to take responsibility and stand by what their rep charged me. :v Because, of course, this is Time Warner. God forbid they give anything back to the customer. They desperately need my extra $30.

ETA: Wow. The rep I just spoke to said I was given credits on my account that I didn't deserve. I cannot make this up.

ETA: Okay, two supervisors later and this is resolved. o _O; Geez. I don't really get why there was such a fight put up when the last sup was like, "Duh, our rep said that, we'll give you that. Done." Sheesh.

Honestly, I was really pissed when I wrote this, and I'm gobsmacked that the last guy was so easy going about it, haha. I was totally expecting it to take longer than the nearly-two hours it's already taken me from start to finish. :P

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