philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

MBTA and Best Buy

Two bad service things in the last two days.

1. So I went to add my April monthly pass to my Charlie Card last night online. The site kept freezing up and then logging me out. I checked my bank account and it didn't charge me, so I decided I'd add a pass in the morning. I checked my bank account this morning, and several hours after I had tried to get a pass it charged me for two passes. So I emailed them. The response I got back was that their online pay system was down and I had to buy a pass in person. Except my problem was that they charged me for two passes, so they didn't even bother to read mye mail clearly.

2. I have an Ipod Classic that I bought through Best Buy. I also bought the extended replacement warranty that was good for three years. The way it has always worked is when I have a problem I go into the store, they see if they can fix it, and if not they replace it there. A month ago my warranty was set to expire, so I renewed it. I went through everything and it worked fine. At no point did anything mention any changes to my plan.

So the last few weeks I've been having problems with buttons randomly activating and the Ipod randomly restarting, all without me telling it to or pressing any buttons. Then over the weekend one of the headphone speakers stopped working properly. I thought it was the headphones at first, but had the same problem with new ones I bought.

So yesterday I went to the store, which is now 40 minutes away since they closed the closer one. I showed the Geek Squad person my Ipod and the warranty. She spent half an hour looking up things and doing who knows what. Then she comes out and tells me their policy has changed and exchanges are now done online. Now I set it up online, give them my credit card to put a hold on (which is annoying in and of itself), and they ship me the new one and I ship the old one to them.

So I wasted a trip. And I was never informed of this policy change in anything, even though I renewed the warranty. And why did it take 30 minutes for her to tell me that? So I emailed their customer service with my complaint. And their response boiled down to "sorry you don't like our policy, we totally listen to customer feedback, except of course we don't and we don't care." And there was nothing about the lack of communication on the policy change.

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