philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Bad medical Service

So I did something to my hip in the last week. No specific injury, but it started hurting to the point I couldn't put weight on it. And, weirdly enough, hurt to touch.

Anyway, I went to my school health clinic. The doctor there said that if there had been a specific injury he would suspect bursitis, but because I hadn't injured it it couldn't be that. So he said to give it a few days and if it wasn't better they'd do some imaging. He gave me a cane, a pain med, and a topical anti-inflammatory.

So I picked up the meds from the pharmacist. The anti-inflammatory wasn't covered by my insurance because it wasn't generic. Annoying, but whatever, I needed it.

So I took it for several days until I started to itch and get hives. I then stopped taking it. The itching and hives haven't gone away, though.

So, the bad service. Someone else mentioned that they can't take this particular drug because it is contra-indicated for asthmatics. I looked it up, and sure enough, asthmatics are not supposed to take it. Also, the drug's website says that it is an arthritis drug that has only been tested for wrists, elbows, and knees and that no testing had been done on hips.

Thankfully, I haven't had any breathing side effects. But I've now paid $30 for a drug I can't take and shouldn't have taken in the first place. And neither my doctor nor my pharmacist caught it.

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