Stories for a Winter's Night (wyntir_knight) wrote in bad_service,
Stories for a Winter's Night

New gym, Hard sell

I joined a gym last week and was talked into 3 sessions with a personal trainer to get me started. The price seemed good and they offered a workout plan after the sessions. It seems I should have read the fine print. The sessions were great, I learned a lot, and the trainer was really good. And then after my last session they hit me with the hard sell. It seems that if I want the work out plan I need to sign up for extended training. The trainer suggested a year at the cost of $8,000! It turns out that the three session package was just a trial thing. Maybe this was in the fine print but there was absolutely no hint of it at the time of sale. I can't find it in the ad, in my documentation, or on their website. Obviously this is a case of buyer beware, and I was hopelessly naive, but it still pisses me off, because had I known then what I know now, I wouldn't have bought the three sessions to begin with!

UPDATE: So, I just got a call from the personal trainer. I had left him a message to let him know that I wasn't interested in the program - but he claims he never got it -- and that's a possibility. It wouldn't be the first time I've left a message at the wrong number. Anyway, I reiterated that I could not afford the training, that I would be doing this on my own, and that I might consider revisiting the idea of a personal trainer in six months time. He then proceeds to tell me that I will fail on my own because everyone else has.

I really didn't feel like talking with him any more, so I did not point out that people do succeed on their own, that his gym is running a bait and switch, and that I really didn't appreciate the attitude. I will, however be registering complaint with the gym on their sales practices. Not that it'll accomplish anything.
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