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Telco suck & Makeup Suck


My telco is normally pretty good but we have had some pretty bad weather and because they aren't updating copper infrastructure due to a fibre network being rolled out, almost every time there's heavy rain or thunder our pit fills up and things rust.

You'd think the pit would be more weather proof but no, they won't do more than replace the cheapest parts as they rust out rather than do some major work to you know, fix the pit.

Anyway, our internet went down again so I rang the Faults line and logged a fault. A technician was scheduled to come out a week from the date. This was not ideal but luckily I have a portable modem that I got about 3GB of credits on. 3GB for 7 heavy internet users for a week is nothing at least we could still check emails and that sort of thing. So anyway, 1 week rolls out and the tech never shows. I call up and ask why and I was told that my help ticket was added to a "master outage" and since that outage was resolved, the ticket was closed. I was furious so I asked for another tech appointment. Same deal, it's going to take 1 week. This time I get 10GB of credits added to my portable modem. Still not ideal as my family get through around 500GB a month, that averages to 15-16GB a DAY. I work from home a lot and work with huge files I need to download from the server, my foster kids chew through the things via streaming, MMOs and downloading stuff, my partner uploads and downloads a lot of media content and files because of their job etc so it's REALLY inconvenient. So I go into work, partner stays back late and kids have to cut back on their usage and *shock horror* find something else to do.

The next appointment date rolls up and no tech other. I call again to find out and lo and behold it's been cancelled because it was attached to the master ticket/outage whatever. They book in another one, you got it, 1 week from the date and this time add 15GB to my modem. I'm stick of this so I call again the next day and schedule another tech appointment for the day after the new one (I didn't tell them I've called before) and call back the day after that and get another tech appointment penciled in a few days later doing the same thing because nobody checked that an appointment was already booked.

The one the telco scheduled rolls around and lo and behold, no tech, so they reschedule one.....for a week later. The day after a tech shows up and fixes the problem, it was a rusted isolater or something on the side of the house (on the problem ticket I created by calling the next day), finally we have internet....but it's incredibly slow so I'm told and the tech said the issue was at the exchange and raises an maintenance ticket or something.

The tech appointment for the few days after, another tech showed up- I'd kept it just in case, he went out to the pit and replaced something there and the internet is back again at full speed, yay! He also recommended that we upgrade our router.

The last appointment that the telco rescheduled, of course no one showed up so I escalate this into a formal complaint. The person the handled the complaint waived this month's bill and as a good will thing waived charges for the new router that we'd ordered as I'd threatened to go to the Telecommunications Ombudsman so all's well that ended well but it makes me think the telco could have saved a lot of money if they'd just done their job right in the first place. It's cost them in revenue alone, over $800 (from waiving the bill, the free credits and the router) not to mention the cost of sending 2 different techs out.


I really wish I didn't always have to post about stuff regarding makeup but it seems to crop up, a lot.

I personally have a policy that if a make up brand carries foundation and they don't stock dark shades all, I will not buy another product from them. I am sick of foundation shades only going up to a certain vaguely "tan" colour and ever since I was told by a beauty company- Inika that my skin colour is not profitable, I refuse to give my money to companies that don't cater for people of colour in the foundation department.

This becomes relevant because I went to a summer night market type of thing with my friend. I love events like this because that's where I discover local indie beauty brands and most of my stuff is all indie now. I also would prefer to support local business etc so that's where I find new companies that make soaps, teas, chocolates etc.

Anyway, there was one there with a stall that my friend and I wanted to try out but I went in and saw that they didn't have foundations for darker skin so I lost interest pretty fast but my friend who has pale skin wanted to try out the foundation so I told her to call me once she was done and I'd keep exploring.

They put her in the makeup chair and one of the ladies starting putting foundation on her and colour matching etc. I turned around to walk around when her assistant caught up to me and she actually stood in front of the exit/trance and asked if she could help me with anything else. I said, no thank you, there was no foundations my skin colour there. She then asked if I wanted to look at their lipsticks, eye shadows and there might a be a few blushes that would go wonderfully with my skin. I told her about three times, no thank you again, I'm not interested, all I'm really after is foundation and you don't have my colour. She's still blocking the narrow stall entrance/exit at this point and I REALLY want to leave.

So I finally told her that I wasn't willing to buy from companies that don't cater to dark skin.

The lady who was putting makeup on my friend pipes up with: "Whilst we'd love to stock colours for every skin tone and woman, it's just not feasible for us as we're a small business".

And the assistance blocking the entrance told me that "even really pale people had trouble finding foundations". Yeah, not helping.

I was really annoyed by that so I very snidely said to her, "I'm SO sorry my skin colour is so hard for you. Unfortunately, I also find it's morally not "feasible" for me to give money to companies who think my skin colour is an inconvenience but want me to purchase other products regardless". She opened her mouth to say something but someone else was trying to enter the stall so her assistant stepped aside and I left.

My friend who'd witnessed the whole thing caught up with me a few minutes later, she'd wiped the product off her face and left the store and apparently they hadn't been too happy about that either.

Anyway we found another stall that was also selling makeup, the lady there didn't have my skin colour either but did have some darker foundations. Not my match but it was something!

But what she did that went from good to awesome was then was mix up my shade on the spot from a kit that she kept ready for situations like this and noted down all of the ratios and stuff she'd used. So when I left, she'd given me a sample tub to last me a few days and I'd paid for a full size tub to be shipped to me once she'd gotten back from the market and shipped it out to me. I also bought other products from her as well and guess who's doing the make up for my sister's wedding (bride, bridesmaids and family- she charges per person) and is already booked in for make up trials for another 2 weddings, booked in for 2 formals and an engagement party, and now had an influx of sales for custom foundations and a whole bunch of other products from my extended family via group order? Yeah. Not feasible for small businesses my ass, it's small businesses that can cater for stuff like this because it's not coming off a production line. It's a smart move because now that we're all colour matched to her, it's highly unlikely we are going to go anywhere else for foundation now right?

I'd link her here because I'm so happy but she doesn't have a website up yet.

I mean really, if don't want to stock my skin tone, then don't, it's your business but it's also my money and I'll spend it how I choose. I just wanted to leave, it was an uncomfortable situation for me and it happens too often from department stores to online indies and I'm really not in the mood either to listen to how hard it is to make foundations for dark skin.
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