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Dental B_S

I was at the dentist to get a filling done today.  I'm a freak of nature and the local anesthetic did fuck all, so they were unable to help me and I now need to find somebody to do it while sedating me.

That's not my issue, though.  The thing is, I'm phobia-level terrified of needles.  I've had to have people pin me down so I could get vaccinated.  And even though I had taken three times my usual dose of Ativan to calm myself down for this, I still wasn't happy about getting a needle shoved into my mouth.

When I asked the dentist not to warn me when the needle was coming--if I know when, it gives me time to tense up and/or pull away--, he responded with, Just put your damned big girl panties on.

Just... wow.

Bonus shittiness comes from the fact that I'm FtM and just don't pass worth shit.  Misogyny + misgendering = fuck you, pal.

I'm kinda thankful I have to find a different dentist to do my work now.
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