Stories for a Winter's Night (wyntir_knight) wrote in bad_service,
Stories for a Winter's Night

The continuing saga of the courses

So this is a follow-up to this complaint.

After all of the issues I had, I was finally able to get registered for the course I need. Unfortunately, when I received confirmation it was for all four days of the course, rather than the one I signed up for, and there was no invoice provided, so I am understandably concerned that they are going to try an overcharge me.

See, the way the course is being offered, it's listed as $1000 for all four days or $250 for only one. I received permission from my manager to take the one day (the Tuesday) and after I signed up the course providers proceeded to hassle me in an attempt to get me to sign up for all four days. I thought I had made it clear to them that I was only able to take the one day and that I was not available for the other days of the course (I'm also on language training at the same time so my time is seriously limited).

So when I received the confirmation and saw the dates listed, I immediately emailed them back requesting that they send a copy of the invoice. This is the response I got:

"An invoice has already been generated, and you should have received it. Have you received an email from Company with the invoice?"

Now I have to remain professional here because I'm not only representing myself, but my Department as well, so I wasn't able to reply as I really, really wanted to. If it wasn't for the fact that we need the product that Company makes, I would be advising my superiors to cut all ties with them at this point, because they are clearly morons.

UPDATE: Well the invoice came in and I've been asking around. Apparently this kind of incompetence is SOP for these people and all emails must be sent in clear, obvious language as if we're speaking with children. ... Honestly, I will be very happy if I never have to deal with these people ever again.

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