Mevima (codevixen) wrote in bad_service,

RV repair... not so repaired

About a month ago now my wife and I bought an old RV from a guy on Craigslist. Being old, and since we have heavy plans for it, we took it to Poulsbo RV to get inspected and potentially repaired. We ended up paying $2700 for the inspection and repairs - more than I'd been thinking, but not totally out there. But the entire three weeks or so it was in the shop, we had little to no contact from them. Every piece of information we got was because WE contacted THEM and asked for an update, so I get the feeling if we'd let them lead the conversation, we'd never have actually moved on to what needed to be repaired.

So the lack of contact was bad enough, and we had decided we weren't going to use that place any more. But then, the day after we brought the RV home, it wouldn't start. Turn the key, click. Okay, so maybe the battery drained somehow? We buy a jump box, which wasn't a bad plan to have in the first place - but that makes no difference. Tonight we had roadside assistance come by to give us a jump and check it out, just in case we did something wrong.

After about ten minutes of attempting a jump and inspecting, the VERY nice and helpful towtruck driver points out the problem - the grounding strap attached to the starter is frayed, rusted and broken. As in very old, should have been replaced, definitely should have been caught in the inspection... ESPECIALLY because the sole time we were contacted by Poulsbo RV was to say they couldn't finish the inspection because the starter was dead, and we authorized a replacement.

Because I am not such a car person, here is a simple explanation: They replaced the starter that they said was dead. The grounding strap is attached to the starter. This means that they not only had to look at it, they had to TOUCH, MOVE and ATTACH the grounding strap to the new starter. The obviously old, frayed, nearly dead grounding strap. I'm beginning to suspect the starter wasn't dead in the first place.

Tomorrow we plan on demanding they pay for a tow back to their shop, a free grounding strap replacement, and to have it back on Wednesday when we can pick it up.

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