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I have lost absolutely all hope in my doctor.

So I was pregnant. My husband and I have been trying since the wedding, I was happily 9 weeks pregnant, I went to my family doctor for a referral to a maternity clinic I have always gone to. This is where the bad service started.

DrC (for DoctorCrazy) tells me I need to take a urine test to confirm pregnancy and then he'll schedule me in for a dating ultrasound for the referral. He tells me to use the washroom then take the sample into room 1 where there's a small separate waiting area where I'll be taken care of. So I do, and I sit, and I wait, and I wait, and I assume things are just busy, and then 30 minutes later I'm fed up and another newly preggo walks in with her sample. As soon as she sits down, a nurse comes in, does the test and ushers her back to a room, then the nurse looks at me and asks if I've been waiting long and I said about half an hour and she's appalled, as the doctor never even told her there was a test with me. She goes to put me back into my room - and they've put someone else in it. The doctor walked past and gave me a weird look and was about to walk into another patient and the nurse (yay!) snaps at him and says "She's been waiting in that room for half an hour, you should see her first."

So DrC confirms pregnancy, sends me for my dating ultrasound.

I go, and the baby was measuring on time exactly, but they couldn't see a heart beat. They tell me that I have a tilted uterus though, so it was really hard to even get a picture and they suggest to wait a week or two and do another ultrasound to confirm.

So I go back to my family doctor and he says "Well if they don't find a heart beat, what's the point of more tests" and I say "well, they said it could have been from the tilted uterus because I was still measuring on time, at 9 weeks, and I'm not showing any signs of miscarriage"

So I get scheduled for HCG tests, do 4 in a row and then go back to the doctor

The results? The first three tests, the HCG level was rising still, which it shouldn't do in a miscarriage, then the fourth one dropped slightly, and he says "Well, that is positive that the first three were rising but lets schedule you in for a D&C because it dropped"

So I google, and HCG in normal pregnancy raises, then drops and levels off at that point around 11 weeks, at this point I would have been 11 weeks, so I ask for another ultrasound (which the first US clinic suggested) to confirm before I have surgery to end the pregnancy

And he FREAKED out on me, he's like "WHY? What is the POINT? If the baby is DEAD IT IS DEAD" those were his words exactly, and I started crying because wow, and I tell him that there's been nothing conclusive since the first ultrasound, I STILL have no signs of miscarriage, in fact my HCG levels were rising and I've had new pregnancy symptoms and before I get a doctor to remove it I want to make darn sure it's actually gone.

He told me "I'm going to schedule the D&C, you NEED it, they will make sure you're not pregnant before they do it" and I said "so they'll do an ultrasound?" and he said "No", so I said "Well then I want an ultrasound before I go in, and if you won't let me have a second opinion like the first US place even recommended, I'll go to a different doctor"

So he gave me the ultrasound req, and I went in the next day.

Unfortunately, there was no growth since the last ultrasound, so they told me the bub must have passed away a few days before and my body just hasn't recognized the miscarriage yet and may not recognize that it's happened.

So I google methods and talk to some friends who have been there, and I decide I want misoprostol to start the miscarriage, because surgery scares me a little bit.

I go back to my doctor and he says "Finally, let's schedule the D&C" and I said "Well I'd like to try the misoprostol" and he gets mad at me and says "Here. Here's your paperwork and referral, go to the hospital right now you need a D&C, you have a DIC condition and it's KILLING YOU." and he walked out.

So now I'm freaking out, he's written DIC on my referral and underlined it a lot and I'm googling DIC and it's apparently life threatening and I have no clue what's going on, so I went to the emergency room like he suggested.

The emergency doctors and the obgyn surgeon on duty laughed at him, and said first of all, he didn't do any tests to confirm DIC, and I don't have DIC and if I DID I probably wouldn't have been able to walk over here, I'd be hemorrhaging out my eyes. They ran a lot of tests and confirmed that yeah, I don't have that, and the doctor was an idiot for even thinking I would. The Obgyn even told me, "It's not something you see in people who are up and walking around, it's something so bad that you know right away something is horribly wrong, I've seen two cases and each case they were hemorrhaging internally and externally, it's like diagnosing a broken leg on someone who's dancing around and looking fine when you haven't even done an Xray"

The obgyn said the miscarriage looked to be caused by an early, and rare, placental abruption that showed on the second ultrasound and not the first so maybe the doctor saw the clotting and jumped to the conclusion that I have some weird hemorhhaging disease.

(Although I did end up needing an emergency D&C, as I had a fever and they were worried about infection)

TLDR; my doctor made me cry, then made me think I was two seconds from dying from a condition I didn't have, during a time where I was pumped full of pregnancy hormones and heartbroken at the thought of losing my baby. He had no sympathy, no empathy, and misdiagnosed me with a deadly condition that I didn't have. This has been an incredibly emotionally difficult time and this entire situation made it that much worse.

(I will be reporting him, and changing doctors.)

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