Play nice or be at the business end of my snark. (kettlechip) wrote in bad_service,
Play nice or be at the business end of my snark.

Dear staff member at The Great (?) Canadian SuperStore:

Okay, I realize it was my fault I forgot my purse in one of the change rooms, and yes, it was my fault that I decided to come back at 5 minutes to close when I noted my error -- 5 minutes to close according to your clock. But for the love of Pete, where do you get off blocking the door and snottily telling me I'm going to have to come back tomorrow to talk to the people at the customer service desk to see if my purse turned up? Thank god your manager was near the door when the argument ensued and cheerfully let me in to canvass the Lost and Found bin. And after I was successfully able to relay the contents of my bag and he released my belongings to me (driver's licence, cash, credit cards and medication notwithstanding), I hope he tore a strip off of you for your poor customer service skills. The entire transaction of words with your manager totalled about 2 minutes. *2* minutes.

And by the way, 5 minutes to close doesn't mean CLOSED. I should have been able to walk in without having to give you a reason.



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