amethystian (amethystian) wrote in bad_service,

I told you yes, you heard no

I'm a trainee teacher (qualified to teach extra curricular, but I won't get my National Curriculum qualification until March) so I currently work as a supply (substitute) teacher through a few agencies. Each agency uses a payroll company to transfer money from the schools to me. One company is pretty great, the other...

To be fair, I didn't want them as my payroll company in the first place- their head office is in Guernsey, which means they are engaging in tax evasion. The agency insisted I use them instead of the good one with whom I was already registered. I did try to change it over, but with no luck.

I was under the assumption that this particular agency would only work with this one payroll company, and they got me a fair bit of work last year. So when the payroll company got in touch to ask me if I was still available for work and if I wanted to keep my account active, I said yes. I wrote back and told them that my lack of work through this particular agency over the last few months has been due to bad timing (clashes with other agency work) and one annoying school that cancelled on me at the last minute (I was literally about to walk out the door when the agency called). I thought that was that.

Two weeks later (earlier this week), I got another email telling me that if I did not get in contact (which I already had), they would send out a P45*. I wrote back and said I had already been in contact and repeated what I said in the first email. Again, I thought that was that.

This morning, what should arrive in the mail? A P45.

What the actual-? Why ask a question if you're not going to acknowledge the answer?!

On the plus side, I had a moan to the agency and they are allowing me to get paid through the payroll company that I originally wanted. I emailed the company that sent me the P45 and told them (politely) where to stick it and that I will be taking my business elsewhere.

*for those wondering, a P45 is the form a company sends you upon termination of employment contract (through quitting or firing) with a declaration of earnings and tax contributions. This form is used to submit to new employment, the jobcentre if you're to claim benefits or to be declared on your Self Assessment tax return if you're self employed (like myself).


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