Phanny (phantomfacade) wrote in bad_service,

(good) follow-up

To this minor debacle

So day after I send an email to this lovely campus bookstore, I receive the next invoice saying my order has been fulfilled.

Okay, um, I already ordered a new book, and there's still no indication of where the book actualy IS or how I can get ahold of it. So, too little too late, B&N. I told them this -- don't need it, want a refund.

And later I received -- an apology.

Well, okay, bit of a non-apology ("sorry our services were not acceptable to you, blah blah blah"). But still. Fine.

I was, however, much more pleased about the refund confirmation.

So I guess the bad service was wasting my time with dead-end after dead-end, telling me they couldn't fix something they have since proven to me could be fixed within day, and facilitating my being consumed with anxiety for about a week. But it was resolved, all is good, but I still will avoid dealing with this system for the rest of my time here, which thankfully isn't long.

Bad service turned...acceptable, then?

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