Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Partly my fault, partly his...

Signed up as soon as I moved for renter's insurance with State Farm. Someone recommended them and I haven't had a bad experience until now.

In January my Canadian auto insurance was expiring, and they refused (understandably) to renew the contract with the car primarily in the USA, so I bought insurance for auto with State Farm. They'd been awesome enough with the renter's policy. Since it was in the middle of January when I signed up, I asked my representative if the bill would be due this month or next? (Seeing as it was already after my regular bill due date for the month). He told me he could make it due on February 8th, awesome! However, because of the plan I'm on I'd have to pay two months together. Okay, no problem. I can swing that. I asked him several times during the call for a price estimate, as I wanted to make sure I'd be on budget -- if it was a few dollars off no harm, y'know?-- and several times he responded that it'd be $X (about two months premiums). I know I confirmed it several times because of budgeting, and I even wrote his figure down on my calendar (where I write all my bill information).

Cue me getting the bill just this past weekend to find out the bill is three times the monthly rate. UH. WHAT?!

Guess it's my fault I misunderstood him, but when I asked several times in the phone call to confirm the bill would be $X (two months premiums) and he said back to me, "yes, the bill will be $X (about two months premiums)" I expected to be able to trust him. Silly me! I could understand being a few bucks off, or not having the exact amount, but to not have told me it'd really be three months premiums... ugh. Makes me feel sick. I don't know how I could've asked any clearer to have avoided this MASSIVE misunderstanding :(

The only way to solve this and possibly fix this/my budget is to "sign up for their automatic payment plan!" which they were pushing pretty heavily on the phone, and I'm reluctant to do because I've heard so many horror stories of companies taking out too much, taking it out too early, etc, etc. (It solves it because I'd only have to pay two months like originally quoted, not three, if I sign up for the automatic plan.)
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