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So, Campus Bookstores...

I always considered myself lucky enough to never have had service bad enough to post here, but here I am. Hell, maybe this isn't even bad enough. I'm just frustrated and poor.

Gather around friends and let me tell you a tale of the NMSU Bookstore (a tale of woe).
Day before school starts I order a book online for pick up in store. Usually, this entails later getting an email saying your book is in, giving you a recipt and a box number to give to the person at the pickup window, and they give you a nice box with the book inside and you're all set. I hate having to order from the store, the campus bookstores are never the best option, but I was told this particular book came with those ridiculous access codes and couldn't be bought used. UGH. Luckily, I managed to find every other book I needed on Amazon.
I order the book on January 14th, all good -- just before the first day of classes but you don't usually need the textbook on the first day. No big deal. I just wait for the email with the box number.
It is now January 28th, two weeks after ordering, and I have not received anything. So I finally have the spare time to go to the bookstore and ask what the fuck is going on, I need this book and my PayPal has been debited the ridiculous $130 it costs, where is my book.
"The billing agreement ID is wrong. It's not here, it's at one of the community college bookstores, probably." They apparently don't even CARRY this book, which, may I remind you, I ordered from THEIR website. This class is on NMSU's main campus, with an NMSU professor. It is not affiliated with the community college.
So, it's at one of those bookstores?...There are two community college campuses, on complete opposite sides of town. "Can you tell me which one?" I ask the man helping me.
"Uh, no. Sorry."
So I call the community college's main campus, and it's not there either. They offer to transfer me to the other campus, but after 15 minutes of muzak I hang up because fuck I don't have the patience for this. I call them directly, and it is not there either. Well, at least I know why I received no notice from them, because what I paid for does not exist.
I ordered this book DIRECTLY FROM THE NMSU WEBSITE. I HAVE PROOF THEY CHARGED ME FOR THIS BOOK. And now it is out there, floating around in our vast universe and this school has $130 (basically two of my paychecks) for something I was never given, just to add to the thousands of dollars in tuition they're squeezing out of me already.
Order cancelled, and I managed to do that without teling them to shove the book up their asses if they ever found it because I am a mature adult who doesn't swear at customer service representatives. I did sneak a "I'll NOT be coming back HERE" into the email though. With any luck I'll be able to hold to that.

I eventually just caved and ordered from Amazon, like I should have done from the very beginning. So now I have to file a claim with PayPal and try and get my money back, which I'm not even sure I'll be able to do. Fingers crossed?

tl;dr I pay a ridiculous amount of money for a textbook and after two weeks of waiting and 3 hours of bullshit I realize I'm not getting what I paid for, like, ever.
College is great. The end.

edited because weird spacing
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