tv taught me how to feel (stanakatic) wrote in bad_service,
tv taught me how to feel

Cable company blatantly lied for a profit.

About a year ago my mom cancelled the DVR service from her cable package to save money. All it took to do this was a call to the company and they just flipped a switch, no service appointment or cable box change necessary. Last week, she decided she wanted to reinstate it since she was doing better financially. So, she placed a call to the company (Cox cable, fo the record,) and she was told in order to get DVR service back, she would: 1)need to arrange for a technician to come to the house (at a price, of course), 2) get a new box (at a cost of $85), AND she would need to upgrade her cable TV plan to their new "Contour" bundle, which would cost her an extra $65/month.

Now, my mom is 63 and ESL, and although her english is amazing, she is terrible with technology, and can have a hard time grasping conversations about electronics when not speaking spanish. She later told me she was very confused and felt extremely pressured and worn down by the Cox tech.

Of course, all of what he told her is complete bullshit - all that is required to restart a DVR is a phone call and an agreement to the increase in the monthly bundle. After she told me all of this I called, spoke to a supervisor, and threatened to pursue a lawsuit involving their company swindling an older, latina woman. They apologized, and have since comped my mom with 6 months of DVR for no charge, but I'm still furious. The tech she spoke to obviously wasn't acting on his own, which means Cox is instructing their service reps to lie to customers, which is despicable.

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