Ruby Raindrops (littlehayzay) wrote in bad_service,
Ruby Raindrops

All I wanted for Christmas was a winter coat

A combination of bad service from UPS and Old Navy that in tandem made this the most ridiculous online purchase I have ever had.

Way back in November, I was looking for a cheap red wool coat to have at work running around meetings since it's a little more professional than my standard ski parka. I placed an order for a wool coat online at Old Navy, there was a fairly large discount, so it ended up around $20 for an $80 coat. The expected shipping was something like 3-5 days. On the 5th day it's due to arrive and I was home at the time waiting for it, it was 'delivered' at 5:02 and less than a minute later I went to go grab it from our vestibule area. Nope. Not there.

First I try to go through UPS to see if it was just still on the truck. It wasn't. The tracking number was used twice (which I was told was Old Navy's fault, not sure if this is true) - once for my package and once for some package across the country. That person got their package delivered at 5:02 and mine was MIA.

I called up Old Navy to see what the deal was and if they'd send me another one considering nobody had any clue what had happened to the first one. They agreed, said they ship out immediately. I ask to make sure I have to sign for the package because I wanted to make sure someone was physically handing it to me. She says that's fine.

A few days later, I get a text/email that the package has been delivered and signed for. Um, what? So UPS delivered it to some random and not me. I'm on the phone with UPS trying to figure out who the hell signed for the coat. I'm downstairs in the vestibule when I'm on the phone with them and do you know what I see walk by? A girl wearing the exact coat I had ordered. With the tags still on them.

I was so close to running after her being like "Excuse me, what the fuck are you doing, that is my coat?" but wasn't willing to get into an altercation over a $20 coat and it's not like it's a rare coat, so what if, by some ridiculous coincidence, she just happened to have the same coat. (It totally was my coat, though, I don't live in a busy area so I assume she got the package delivered to her accidentally, signed for it in a scribble and was like SCORE FREE COAT')

So THEN, I call UPS and complain and they tell me to take it up with Old Navy even though it's their screw up. So I call Old Navy and explain the situation and they're like, of course well send you another coat.

5 days later, I finally get the package handed to me, with my brand new coat inside!


Seriously. I just called and demanded my money back because there was literally no way I was trusting anyone to do a damn thing right at this point. While I acknowledge that they had sent out multiple coats, I said 'Listen, I paid $20 for this coat with the deal, I would like to just go into an Old Navy store and buy the coat because I do not trust ordering online anymore. Can I get a coupon to use so I can get the coat for the price I wanted?" "No, you can't use online codes in stores, there's nothing we can do."

Ended up getting a similar deal at TJ Maxx for a $300 coat on sale for $30, so it worked out... plus I got a coat to give my niece for Christmas.

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