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Oh TD bank...

Most recent update: Sorry I deleted the letter because it ended up being no longer relevant or needed as a simple tweet to TD Bank got me a call from the ROO. I was allowed to explain my story in full and they assured me that 1) they'd make sure it was shredded, 2) they'd make sure it never happened again 3) they'd talk to and retrain the manager and associate. I'm expecting a call back tonight or tomorrow saying that it was 100% guaranteed shredded.

So December 21 I decide to go into the local TDbank (with my husband) and get added to his account. I go through filling out forms, signing, giving over sensitive information that banks are expected to have/handle carefully. At the end of the process I get told that it'll take 5-7 business days for me to get added. No worries, I'm not in a hurry I thought. So December 27th husband calls the bank to see if I've been added to the account (because I need to be added first before I can come in and get my card, no sense wasting time/gas driving to the bank if I'm not on it yet). He's told no, but if we just hold on they'll investigate (as they can't even find the scan in the system that's supposed to be done a reasonable time after you fill out the form. Form gets filled out and signed, scanned in and sent to an entirely different department but it can still be seen in the system so I'm told). He gets disconnected when he's put on hold and calls back. He explains his situation and they put him on hold to go look. Thirty minutes later, my husband decides that maybe it just needs the full seven days for whatever reason and we go do the things we need to get done on the weekend.

We are in a town 15-20 minutes away, January 3rd, and are going to be passing a different branch of TD so we decide to stop by and pick up my card (cuz it's been 10 business days certainly it's ready now, right?) WRONG. The woman who helps us says there's no record of anything ever being filled out, or scanned. So we fill it out again. She informs us that they take the forms, scan them, and then the paper versions go to the shredder. I ask, what happens if they don't get scanned in? Do they get shredded? No, they get shredded only after they get scanned, but maybe this one got shredded by accident?

Great. My sensitive information might still be floating around somewhere, mishandled by my local branch. Lovely. I'm so confident in this bank right now. I ask her if there's anyone I can contact about this? She calls and finds out who handled my information the first time at the branch. She tells me her name and tells me that I should call her to ask her about it. She keeps apologizing and I feel bad because it's not her fault.

So I call the local branch, today, at 8:30am or so, and I get the exact same person who handled my information the very first time I went into the local branch. I explain my situation, and she tries to tell me that they have no way of accessing the scan (yet the person my husband called, and the person at the other branch said you would be able to see it on the computer, approved or not) since it's sent immediately to a different department and shredded and I'm on the account now, so obviously it would be shredded by now. I explain, well, I had to go into another branch to get properly added, so that's why I'm on the account now. I want to know what happened to my sensitive information as I don't feel really confident after my information "got misplaced" and never got scanned. I'm worried did it make it to the shredder? She says she will go look to see who handled it before (something that the other woman at the other branch had to call about and I had to describe the first woman's appearance- it wasn't on the computer) and she takes down my name, my husband's name and my phone number and promises to call back. Except she never does (all right, maybe she got swamped). So 4pm, I call and explain my situation. Person answering asks who I spoke to. I tell her. She comes back and explains to me that the woman I spoke to is with a client but told her she shredded the information.

Am I happy she (finally) shredded my sensitive information? Yes, although I have to say I don't feel exactly confident in them but I don't know what to do? I can't change banks (we have the same one in Canada because we can transfer between them for bill payment without fees). But I think it's suckage because she totally dropped the ball in the middle (for almost three weeks!). I get it, people are human, people make mistakes, but I feel that a bank, of all places, should be a little more.. I don't know... careful about this kind of stuff? I also think she should've apologized for her screw up and not her colleague at a different branch. It might be me feeling crummy about the entire situation but it felt like she knew she screwed up and was purposely avoiding me.

I don't know if I should let it drop, or call customer service? I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble, but it feels like everything was hush hush, sweep it under the rug/off onto someone else and I'm concerned what if it happens again? To someone else? Ugh.

Edit: I just got home from getting my card and speaking to the bank manager. I, awkwardly enough, got my card from the same person who I dealt with originally (who didn't scan/shred the information for three weeks). It was after getting my card I asked for the store manager that she went and chatted with her, explaining what had happened. This kind of bothers me and makes me think she wasn't going to say anything unless I complained. To be fair, I did arrive not long after 8am, so maybe she didn't have time, but then, if she recognized me and realized the mistake she made, why didn't she apologize before I asked for the manager?

I tried to explain myself to the manager, why I was bothered, how I had lost confidence (in very least the branch if not the bank) and she spent a good portion emphasizing that branches do things differently, she herself likes to make sure it's scanned in the system before she shreds any documents, rather than call people back (because it's 100% a hassle to park at this location, well that's one reason lol). Everything gets locked in a drawer, she told me, it's not like we leave documents unattended, look at any desk there's no files out on the desk for customers view, etc. It was human error and she's sincerely sorry and she can ask (X) to come over here and apologize.

You know when you're not feeling like you said your peace, but the person can't wait to say their bit to defend themselves? That's what the conversation felt like. Sorry, it's hard to put into words, I guess. I said one sentence maybe one and a half before the manager rushed to explain.

I wasn't asking for people's jobs, I wasn't thinking this was anything but human error, but I wanted to draw it to her attention what had happened. That if I hadn't called there would have been no follow-up to make sure it was properly disposed of (or so it felt). That if I hadn't brought it to her attention (X) might not have said anything to her.

I tried to tell her that I felt it was swept under the rug (Friday, no apology from the person answering the phone, no apology from (X), oh it's shredded, bye, kinda rushed off the phone), and she went on to explain that they were short staffed yesterday and people were busy so that's why I might've felt like that, but TD strives for customer service, etc, but in her haste to defend her branch it felt like it was also being swept under the rug, in the sense of let's make it go away, asap.

Random note, my husband asked if it had actually been shredded and she gave this weird, vague answer about the procedure and making sure it's scanned first, etc, like she herself couldn't say for sure, or confirm but I guess, outside of the absence of the document, it would be hard to confirm it's been shredded.

(X) did apologize when I was at the door, leaving, called out across the bank floor from behind the teller seat. We went to use the ATM afterwards (inside branch, outside first set of doors, and the manager came out to verify the card was working, and everything was ok, and that we understood where/when we'd get charged for ATM fees. In her defence she was trying to make sure we left as satisfied customers, but I would have felt better if I could have just said my peace, why I was bothered, and that I wanted to just bring it to her attention, that I wasn't asking for anything (except improvement in the future, but that's obvious).

I don't think I'll be returning to this particular branch, in fact I'll probably drive out of my way to the next town over, or further if I need to do any in-branch stuff. I don't know if or how I should proceed. I feel like I'm asking for people's jobs by taking it to a higher-up (I'm not) but at the same time I don't feel I was heard/got to explain myself. I have her email, and I'm tempted to write what I wanted to say in branch, but I feel like it seems like I'm fishing for something/more (I'm not), I just feel like I didn't get to say everything, but pushing it further seems like I'm after something. Ugh.

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