Myrren (myrren) wrote in bad_service,

A Game of Bad Service

On the 14th December George RR Martin announced on his livejournal that signed books could be bought through the Jean Cocteau Cinema website. As my husband is a massive fan I thought I'd buy him a signed copy of A Game of Thrones. However as I live in the UK when I looked into buying a copy it didn't work out international shipping. So I asked of GRRMs blog post about it. He replied with:

"International shipments are calculated after the books are purchased. The process is that 1.) they pay for the books, 2.) we get the notice when payment is received 3.) we confirm payment and send an invoice for shipping fees, 4.) They accept charges. 5.) we ship books which should arrive 5-14 days from date of purchase."

(Of course the fact he replied thrilled the hell out of me!)

So I went ahead and paid for the book via PayPal, and waited for the invoice for shipping. And waited. And waited. And nothing.

I didn't expect the book for Christmas, but I kind of figured I'd get the invoice for shipping fairly quickly. I put it down to being the holiday season, but after not hearing anything after New Years I sent the Jean Cocteau an email asking about my order. That was at the beginning of the week and I've not had any kind of reply. It's very disappointing tbh. I've checked their 'Now Showing' section and they've been showing films so it's not that they are shut.

I'd phone but that would be expensive, and I'm not sure it would help. At this point I still want the signed book, but if I don't hear anything soon I'm going to open a PayPal dispute. I
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