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EDIT: Redo, since I agree that I do sound like such an ass in the original post. I was just plain annoyed at any lack of desire to perform his job properly.

Dear student manning the laptop loan/snack bar counter,

I would like to borrow a laptop. This is a simple request. We both know it.

The usual method of doing this was to hand the person working your student ID, sign out the laptop via a damage waiver, and be on your way.

We had our IDs replaced recently with new ones since we entered a brand new program, so the new ones look different.

By habit, I handed him my old (and now expired) ID. After noticing said ID was expired, I apologized and handed him my current one. However, he still refused to take the newer ID, stating that he still needed a valid one. What gives?

I was a bit upset at this point, and asked him if he knew what program I was in. He did (vaugely), but still wouldn't take the ID. I asked if he could call his supervisor, his reply was still "can't help you."

But anytime I had a problem with policy regarding my employer, I would call or find my supervisior and ask.

The clerks exact words were:

"Sorry, can't help you."

To which I replied

"But I do have a valid student ID."

He continued to repeat the above statement.

Now, as much as I know we all need to follow policy, I feel a lack of caring on anyone's heres part to go to a higher up. It would have taken 5 seconds to pick up the phone and ask one of the IT people to either verify or deny my request to use a laptop.

And before you ask, yes, I know that the IT department was available, I saw them in their offices not 10 minutes prior.

Here, this is Chef Mary Mules. Yes, she's the head of the culinary program here. Yes, she knows who I am. She just told you what program I'm in and that my ID is valid.

"Sorry, can't help you."


I eventually just gave up, and went across the street to work and used my laptop and their wireless internet.
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