Cassandra Terra (cassandraterra) wrote in bad_service,
Cassandra Terra

Sorry, you didn't pass go, give us back $200.

When I quit my last job I knew that my insurance would end the last day I worked. I ran around and made sure I got all my meds before that happened. Or so I thought.

I get a bill from Aetna...for $200. It states that I got my meds on 3/5 and that my insurance ended 2/28 and due to their error they accepted it. Our bad! Now pay us $200 for our mistake! So what if it was over six months ago and that we accepted it back then. It's due on Christmas. Sucks to be you!

I checked with my pharmacy and they said yes I did pick it up on 3/5. I was sure I hadn't so I guess the error is on me, but had it cost me $200 straight up I would have just accepted it, been annoyed, but understood. I would have paid then and there. But to wait 10 months?! And it was an error on THEIR part. I think they should have just accepted the loss. Or am I wrong?
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