gaiman_phile (gaiman_phile) wrote in bad_service,

I'm so fed up with Greyhound. :(

Think what you will, but Greyhound has messed up.

We bought my fiance' a ticket to come out to visit for a month. That was in August when the ticket was purchased. The trip was scheduled for 24 September this year, and he was supposed to go back on the 29th of October. Well, the first snag happened when he didn't leave till late the 24th, when it was supposed to be early morning. Okay, fine. It's whatever. Shit happens. But, then they kept rerouting his ticket, every layover he had it was a new reroute. They took his luggage and didn't give him a claim check tag for it, which my fiance' hasn't traveled in YEARS and at a disgustingly early hour in the morning in a new state when he'd not slept, well, let's see how well YOU function on no sleep?

Anyway, so that was the first mistake, which Gimli (my fiance', not his real name, obviously) takes partial responsibility for that one. He's already been chewed enough by me for that.

Moving on.

So, we figured alright, maybe his luggage will catch up to him. It never did. Okay, but the reroutes were unnecessary, causing him to have to be on the bus for three days instead of just two.

They found one of his two bags toward the end of his visit here. Okay, fine. They couldn't give him a straight answer as to how to file a claim on the bag that was lost. He finally got a straight answer recently from someone who actually knows how to do their job right, so he's going to file that claim soon as he takes his daughter home in the next couple days.

When he got here, we stopped by the customer service desk to try to get things sorted, if they could change up his ticket so he could have time more to spend here since they botched the trip so horribly just to get him here. They comped the $15 fee to change the ticket - that's the good news - and he got to stay till the 6th of November. The trip overall - the visit - was amazing, we got engaged while he was here, and the trip back was uneventful. When he got back, he called corporate (at the urging of customer service here in my town the night he got here) and they are supposed to comp the ticket by half to apologize for their mess-ups.

Well, he was told that he couldn't sort that out, b/c the ticket was bought on my card. So, I had to be the one to call in and get it sorted, so they could get my card number so they could refund the money back to my card. Okay, great! Not a problem! Well, I call, get it situated, and we're promised 14-21 business days and the money will be on my card again. $119.25. To apologize for their epic failure.


Not so fast.

The 21st business day was last Monday. Still no money. I called and kept getting the run-around. My fiance' calls, and he finally gets someone who decides to research the issue and comes up with how the money is there, yes, but someone closed the claim by mistake. How the hell. . . . .?? So, she reopens the claim and I authorize my fiance' to call, too, b/c I chase a 1 year old around all day and don't have the time to call in everyday to bug them about where on earth the money is that they owe my card. She was very friendly and helpful, I'll grant her that much, but when we'd asked two reps before her to talk to a supervisor, they chose to goof off and tell us "well, we've e-mailed him . . . . . . ." No. You go find your sup on the floor and put him on the phone. It's that simple.

Fed up? Oh, yes.

The good news - the money's waiting to be on my card.

The bad news - they keep dicking around about putting it on my card.

I want my money. I want it when it was promised.

Next time, we're flying.
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