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Stories for a Winter's Night

TRU Rant

Okay, so my nephew really wanted an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas and there were none to be found in my particular city. So I went onto the Toys R Us website and ordered that and an extra packet of cookie mix, and while I was at it, I got a Light Bright Magic Screen for my niece. Everything seemed to go just fine. TRU sent me an email confirming my order and informing me that they would not charge me until they delivered the item. On the 28th I get a second email telling me that they have delivered the two Easy Bake Oven items and that the Light Bright had been found in stock. A few days go by, the Oven is delivered and the website still has the Light Bright listed as "Located in stock". So I call their 1-800 number to ensure that there are no problems. After all, if the Light Bright is out of stock I need to pick up a different gift for my niece.

Call 1 - December 2: They were really nice and informed me that the item was in stock in the warehouse and that it should shit out in a could ship out in a couple of days.

Call 2 - December 5: I call back because there is no indication that my item has moved at all and I want confirmation that it will actually be received by Christmas. I am informed that the Light Bright was no longer in stock and needed to be reordered. I pointed out that it was still listed on line as "Located in stock" and that the last person I had spoken with had assured me that it would be shipped last week. I was told that the warehouse was backed up and that I would receive an email from them by end of day confirming that the item was being reordered.

Call 3 - December 8: I received no email and the TRU website still has the Light Bright listed as "Located in stock". So I call and am informed that the item is in stock in another city's warehouse and that it should be shipping out shortly. I am also advised that if I want to guarantee that I have the item by Christmas I should pick it up in store. I point out that there are no stores with in it stock in my city and I am told that I could drive to the next city over. The next city is two hours away in good weather and light traffic.

Call 4 - December 12: Okay, yes, I know I'm being a pain at this point, but SERIOUSLY?! Yes, it's Christmas, yes they're busy, but according to the website, my item has been sitting there waiting to be delivered since November 28! And TRU makes it clear that if I want this by Christmas the delivery needs to be out by December 12! So I call. Again. And ask for an update. I am informed that the Light Bright might not be in stock any more, that the warehouse is backed up, that they're sorry, and that I should receive an email confirming that they have either shipped my item or cancelled my order by the end of the day. So fine. I wait and in the meantime I find another toy for my niece because I am clearly not getting the Light Bright I ordered.

And then, lo and behold, I get an email confirming that they have charged my card and shipped the Light Bright and that they shipped it express so it should arrive on Monday!

Monday comes, the box arrives while I'm at work. I open it that night and inside is the Light Bright Glow Art Kit. This thing is a black light and a set of neon coloured markers. Not what I ordered. Even the shipping manifest claims that they sent me the Light Bright Magic Screen (it's the board with the black paper and the coloured pins). So I call the 1800 number.

Call 5 - This morning: I explain to them that they sent me the wrong item. They ten tell me that I need to either ship the package back (at my own cost) or I need to go to a TRU store and return the item. Once the warehouse received the Glow Art Kit they will initiate the paperwork to return the wrong item and ship me the correct one, assuming that they still have the Magic Screen in stock at this point. I am also informed that until this process is complete, they cannot send me the proper item and that at this point there is no way that I will get my niece's toy by Christmas. I tell them that this is unacceptable, that they messed up and that it shouldn't be on me to fix their error and I am then informed that this is policy to prevent me from committing fraud. I am also informed that they cannot refund me my money until the warehouse received the improper item and the paperwork is submitted. I demanded to speak with a supervisor and the girl on the line refused to transfer me because "I can't guarantee that a manager will pick up and the system will probably disconnect you anyways".

I have since returned the Glow Art Kit to my local TRU. In the store they were very nice about it and refunded me my money (totally belying what I was told on the phone). And I have sworn that I will NEVER order through TRU's website again and I may not do business in their stores either.

UPDATE: So I called TRU to register a complaint (not that it'll do much, but it's the principal of the thing) and the lady I spoke with was very nice, but lo and behold! There was no record of my ever having called at any point. Just another sign that their staff have no clue what in the hell they are doing.
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