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First time posting here, because I've never had a suck like this before.

I am sooooo pi**ed off at the USPS right now. I've been waiting on a package as part of Nicks surprise gifts. Well according to tracking it's been bouncing between the Wyoming (our) branch and the Grand Rapids (main) branch for over a week. At some point my own carrier listed it as "moved left no address" WHAT????? WE'VE BEEN HERE FOR (5) FIVE YEARS AND HAVE NOT MOVED. So it ping-ponged between post offices for over a week.
This morning it tracked to Wilmington DE then on to Downingtown PA, which means it's on it's way back to the seller. This is f***ing ridiculous
Why would my own carrier (the one who's delivered packages the day before and the day after mark it as "moved" The post master is looking into it and I've filed a claim with the USPS. I had to write to the ebay seller and let them know what's going on. I do NOT want a refund and know it's not their fault. But I still want the movie would they please resend it ASAP.
I have steam coming out of my ears right now and really am too pi**ed to hold normal conversations. Meaning I don't really want to talk to anyone in my current state.
Here's the tracking proof
usps screw up

EDIT: While it did get sent back to the ebay seller, I contacted them and showed them the picture I posted here. They're not even waiting for it to return but are sending another copy out on tomorrows mail. No extra charge. Like I said it wasn't their fault but the fault of the USPS.
Even the person in charge of the local branch has no idea what happened since it was my regular carrier. They're investigating it.
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