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Wenge vs. cherry

The Sunday before last I ordered a clothes valet from a company selling through Amazon. It comes in three colours: wenge, cherry and white. I ordered wenge, but realized about 20 minutes later that I'd mistakenly ordered cherry. Quickly I sent them a message telling them about the mistake and to please send me the right colour. Then I checked how this could have happened and found that the product description listed the wrong picture under the colours, so cherry showed the wenge picture and vice versa.

I told them about that as well, and was happy to receive a message the following day, telling me that my order had been changed and that I'd receive the wenge valet.
They sent it to my home address and since I'm at work until late and no one was there to take it the DPD left a card (saying this was the 2nd attempt to drop it off, which was not true, as it was the first), I went online in the evening and asked for the parcel to be sent to my work address, where it arrived the next day. However, back at home I discovered it was the wrong colour, cherry.

Slightly annoyed I contacted the support again, telling them what had happened and to send me the right item to my work address asap. They apologised and asked for the wrong item to be brought to a DPD station which isn't close to either my home or my work place. Alternatively it was suggested for me to give them a date where I'd be home from 8:00 until 16:00 (but not Saturday, as DPD doesn't work on Saturdays). I told them I couldn't take a whole day off just for a three minute visit by a DPD driver, and to send me a label for the return as I'd try to get the parcel to a DPD station somehow.

The parcel arrived and the valet...was still cherry. o.O'
You'd think they'd check this *really* carefully the second time around, but no. Again I had to drag the damn parcel all the way from my work place to my home. Now I had two cherry valets.

I wrote them again, and again they apologised profoundly for the mistake and swore to send me the right one now. It arrived on Tuesday. Guess what? Yes, cherry again. I swear to you, the colour is written OUTSIDE ON THE FUCKING PARCEL ITSELF!
I sent them a picture of the three parcels with the colour text next to each other, and again the guy apologised, obviously horrified at the situation, and promised to drive to the warehouse and check the parcel himself before it went out next. I'd also taken Friday off, so we agreed that he'd send DPD to pick up the three items then.

Today (the day I'm staying at home to wait for the pickup) at around 15:30 a lady from the company called and told me that I'd actually received what I'd ordered - the wenge valet, which, "in her company" is the red colour - according to her the manufacturer had put the valets in boxes labelled with the wrong colour. Stupefied at that declaration, I tried to explain to her that the manufacturer had done everything right and that the valets inside the packages were indeed "cherry", a reddish wood, not wenge, a dark wood. She repeated that "in her company" it was actually the other way around and listed as such. I told her that it was not my personal opinion that wenge should be dark wood, but that it was a fact, and if her company listed this wrong it should be fixed in their system. She didn't seem convinced, but promised to send me the valet in "dark wood" next week.

Seriously, I don't even. WTF?!

I sent another email to the service guy whom I'd been in contact with before, saying that apparently this problem ran deeper than anyone could have guessed, described the telephone conversation and added that I felt like I ordered a black item, got sent a white one three times and was subsequently told that "in their company" black is in fact white and vice versa.

Not sure what'll happen next, but I hope this is going to be over soon. BTW, the driver hasn't arrived yet. The guy had told me that DPD sends people from 8:00 till 16:00, but the lady said they could show up as late as 18:00. It's 16:40 now and I'm hoping against all odds that at least in this she's right, as there's no way I can bring all three parcels to the DPD station without a car. Hell, I can't even bring them all back to work with me to be picked up, they're too heavy... AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGH!

Edit: It's 19:40 now and no one showed to pick them up. I sent the company another message saying that I never stepped out of the house all day in order not to miss the DPD person, and that there's no way I'd be able to bring the three parcels anywhere, as they're too heavy (carrying one is a-okay, but three is out of the question) and that they should figure out a way to get them back as I wouldn't take another day of vacation for nothing. Seriously...

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