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Yeah... that's not my safe place. That's not even my BACK door...

So earlier this week I ordered some lovely scented candles and a candle advent calendar from Yankee Candle. I received a text message from them yesterday saying my order would be delivered today (28/11). Yay- prompt service! Unfortunately I work during the week but-never fear-one can simply go to the website and request redelivery, leave with a neighbour, or leave in safe place. I duly logged on and requested for my parcel to be left in a safe place- namely in the green coal bunker beside the back door where it will be nice and safe from the wind, the rain, and sticky fingers. :)



Yeah, that's not in my coal bunker. That's not even my BACK door.  Thanks Mr Delivery Driver for leaving my relatively expensive parcel in full view of the road for 7ish hours (parcel was supposed to have been delivered between 11-12pm and I got home at 6.40pm) when you could quite easily have put it in the correct place. I mean, it's not hard to find, and even if he didn't want to put it in the coal bunker for some reason.... the back door would have been preferable.

Also, just checked my tracking online:

28 Nov 2014 11:48 Some place Your parcel has been delivered and signed for by MY SURNAME

Um... no.  No it wasn't signed for. I was at work; my husband is still at work. Unless my hamster answered the door and signed for the parcel, it wasn't signed for by MY SURNAME.
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