Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

UPS ... just doing what they want to do

UPS offers the option to sign for your package online and they will leave it even if you aren't home.

I knew that I wouldn't be home when my package was going to be delivered. I signed a delivery acceptance online. The delivery guy showed up, saw I wasn't home and decided to divert the package to the nearest Access Point. I called UPS to complain and the customer service woman told me it is up to the discretion of the driver as to whether they leave the package.

Then she told me it was delivered to the Access Point and I could pick it up if I went there by 8. I said I am at work and cannot do that and the business will be closed tomorrow because it is Thanksgiving. She said I could then pick it up on Friday when they open at 11. I said that isn't what I signed up for and that tracking stated it wasn't even going to be delivered there til the next business day. I asked her to check if it actually had been delivered. She checked and it wasn't so if I had walked over there tonight, it would have been for nothing.

So I pointed out it wasn't going to get delivered until Friday afternoon and I wouldn't get it until Saturday because I work Friday afternoon/night. She could do nothing but apologize but I told her there was no reason to use UPS if they I wasn't getting my package for an extra 3 days because the driver decided he was going to ignore the fact that I signed for the package already.

Edited to Add: the UPS Access Point near my house is a relatively new thing. This is a new electronics type of store the only opened up a month and a half ago. I assume they pay UPS to be an access point and wonder if this is why my packages are being diverted there.

And I contacted customer service via their chat. This was the response I got.

Initial Question: I want a packaged I authorized to be left at my home, left there and not diverted Melani E.: Hi, this is Melani E.. I'll be happy to assist you.
Crystal: Hello. I authorized for a package to be delivered when I wasn't home and the driver didn't leave the package. Now it is going to be diverted to a business that won't be open tomorrow and will not be delivered until Friday afternoon.
Crystal: I would like the package to be delivered to my home as I authorized.
Melani E.: Just a moment while I look into that for you.
Melani E.: I see the package will be delivered on Friday to the access point so it can be picked up.
Crystal: I want it delivered to my home. I signed online so the package would be delivered to my home.
Crystal: Hello?
Melani E.: Just a moment while I look into that for you.
Melani E.: We have fixed this for you and it should be delivered by Monday.
Crystal: That's even worse.
Crystal: At least at the business I could pick it up on Saturday.
Crystal: Now I have to wait an extra 5 days instead of 3
Crystal: That is not an acceptable solution.
Melani E.: I am really sorry that is the soonest it could be redelivered.
Melani E.: Or you could go to the access point to pick it up.
Crystal: Fine. Have it sent to the access point. On Friday, yes?
Melani E.: Yes.

It will show when it's ready at the tracking details.
Melani E.: From 11 am to 8 pm al week.
Crystal: Are they open on weekends?
Melani E.: YEs.
Crystal: Ok. Thank you.
Melani E.: You are welcome! It's been a pleasure chatting with you! I wish you a great day!
Melani E. has disconnected.

I was totally going to ask her how I could avoid having my packages diverted in the future but as I was typing that, she disconnected. Considering I could always tell when she was responding to me, I have a feeling she could tell that I was typing something but just wanted to get off the line.

And I just got this email. I think they are rubbing salt in my wounds!!

"We tried to deliver your package but missed you. Our next attempt will be on Friday, 11/28/2014.

UPS My Choice can help you avoid missed deliveries. As a member, you can sign online for packages when a signature is required and you won't be home. You can also change the delivery date or location from your alerts."

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