April Conquest (minikitkatgirl) wrote in bad_service,
April Conquest

Weird Service (but not science)

Went out to eat with a friend tonight, and had a bit of an odd thing happen near the end of our meal. Everything that we had was delicious (mmm, Greek food), but there was quite a bit of it and so we wanted to get our stuff wrapped up to take home. The waiter came over and asked if we were finished, and we said we were and asked if we could have our food boxed up.

To which the waiter replied, "Oh, we don't wrap things to go here."

This was followed by an uncomfortable beat of silence as my friend and I were caught off guard, and then a moment later the waiter added, "...Just kidding! We do wrap things to go."

I realize this isn't the worst customer service in the world, but it was just so very strange. I'm on the autism spectrum, so sometimes I can't always tell when someone is joking (especially if it's someone I don't know), but my friend (who is not on the spectrum) couldn't tell that he was joking, either. He didn't laugh afterward, or say it in any sort of light-hearted way. He said it in a very serious tone of voice, which is why we thought he was serious. My friend said that she thinks he might've been trying to flirt with us(!), but it certainly was a pretty bad attempt if that was the case, cause he didn't come across as flirtatious at all, just...WTF and like he was purposely messing with our heads.  
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