Oliver (ithinkdirt) wrote in bad_service,

Chipotle suck-ishness

This is one of those, by no means the worst thing in the world, but I'm still going to beat myself up over it, even if it wasn't ~really~ me things.

Anyhoo, a Chipotle just opened up near us, which made me excited because I like the food and it'd been years and years since I'd been to one (somewhat relevant in that all knowledge of 'how' to order there had flown right out of my fuzzy little mind). The person that takes the first bit of your order was surly and mumbled, mumbled really, really badly. I had to ask her to repeat herself four or five times, very embarassed because she was just clearly DONE with me. She even did this exhaggurated "sick of this" shrug like she was very pissed with me. I tried to make it about how loud the atmosphere was, as in, "I'm sorry, I still can't hear you *feeble ackowledgement of fans and other such devices"  but it really was not that as I could perfectly understand every other employee there, but I also didn't really want to give the employee shit because it's probably not her fault she talks like she has a handful of marbles in her mouth (okay, snarky seeming now, but that's in hidesight of feeling both embarassed that I could not understand her and also a little put upon that she acted like it was my fault :P I actually can have a lot of trouble processing speech due to atmospheric noises, but given that I could understand everybody else just fine and cross-checking with my bf it wasn't just me).

I'm not the most graceful person socially if things don't conform to a sort of expected 'script', so, I imagine I did seem somewhat flustered but that was embarassment because having to ask someone over and over and over again what they said is... embarassing. That I didn't know the ordering process did not help, because I could have understood from context, but lacking that knowledge I had to have "blah-ino!!!1" translated for me by my bf to mean "black beans or pinto". The whole process took way longer than it needed to because I had to ask what she said every damn time, multiple times.

(Of course now I am thinking of all the ways that maybe she had something amiss~~~~~ but I am trying to keep centered on "well she didn't have to be rude about it" because even if that were the case, that is still also true)

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