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Background: My husband and I moved out of our house eight months ago to undergo a main floor remodel and put the house on the market. We've been staying with his parents who live in same city. The house has not sold and hasn't had any serious offers (the guy who offered 40k under asking is a rant for a different community). My stipulations for moving back in with a minimal amount of whining (I hate the community) included new carpet in the upper floor of the house. It's three bedrooms, a tiny hall, and stairs.

We spent a Saturday driving around looking at carpets I found one I liked and I arranged for the sales guy to come measure and give us a firm price the following Tuesday. The price ended up being a little higher than I'd have liked but it was a good quality carpet and I just want to move back in so I decided to just do it. I paided 75% upfront and scheduled the install for the following Tuesday morning to give us time to paint. A couple of hours after the consult the sales guy "Adam" calls me to confirm that we'd agreed on Tuesday the 11th between 8:30 and 9. I confirmed the date and time and went back to picking paint. On Wednesday I got a call from someone in their office and I'm kicking myself for not writing down her name. She asked if we could move my install from Tuesday the 11th to Thursday the 13th. I told her that Thursday was not a good day because I had morning appointments. She said okay, told me she would call me back, and hung up. She never called back so I assumed that my appointment remained unchanged.

On Tuesday I arranged for my MiL to watch my oldest and I took the baby over to the house to wait for the installers. At 9:15 no one had arrived and I hadn't received any calls telling me they were running behind. I called their office and asked for Adam. "Amy" said he was on another call and could she help? I explained the situation and she put me on hold to check the schedule. She informed me that I was in the schedule for Wednesday morning, the following day. I said that's not the day I'd scheduled with Adam I said someone had called to try and move me but we hadn't reached a conclusion on that and she never called back. Amy admitted thatsomeone "may have" rescheduled me without telling me. I told her that I'd arranged childcare for today and the house is vacant so getting here is not as simple as it sounds. She handed me over to Adam who confirmed that we had said Tuesday so it was strange that the schedule said Wednesday. He says that they don't have any installers available today can we just do the scheduled tomorrow appointment. I say I have to arrange childcare again so I'd call them back to see if that was possible. My MiL agreed to watch my oldest again. I call back and tell Amy that Wednesday is inconvenient but doable so I'd see them tomorrow.

I get a call back from Amy (apparently Adam had passed me off because he was always "on another call" after that morning) a couple hours later telling me that the installer who was assigned to the job wouldn't call to confirm with them so they wanted to move me to a different installer but he wouldn't be free till 12-1. My oldest has afternoon preschool and I drop him off at 12:30. I inform her of this and tell her that if I can't find someone to take him (my MiL doesn't drive) I would let the installers in and then come back because the school is close to the house. She tells me that I could just leave a key and they can do the install without me there. I decline and tell her that I'll Tim Gunn it (make it work). I spend all day calling family members to see if someone can take my kid's to school and potentially pick him up. My brother's wife says she could do it. I email his teacher and inform her that someone who is not me and isn't on the emergency contact list will be in charge of him tomorrow so to add her to the pick-up list and not call the police when this strange person comes to get him.

Wednesday morning I get up and I'm getting ready to head to the house when Amy calls. She says someone is going to drop off some supplies for the installers around 2 and the install team with get there around three. I asked her what happened to noon? She said the installers are now telling her three. I told her not to confirm anything with anyone because the unprofessionality was getting ridiculous. I needed to talk to my husband and figure out if we still wanted to go ahead with the job.

I am not good at confrontation. I ugly cry when I'm upset or angry and I hate it. I called my husband and asked him to call and fire them and get our money back because I was already crying and I sound like an idiot. He called and talked to Amy, who told him that she didn't know what the big deal was because I'd always been on the schedule for Wednesday. She again offered to get the key (to my vacant house) so the installers could just do the job unsupervised. My husband told her that the initial appointment had in fact been for Tuesday and we would be taking our business elsewhere. She briefly mentioned a restocking fee and my husband shut that down fast. At no point did anyone apologize for the mix up.

I know I hate this house but it's *my* shitty house and I want things done right. I know I don't have a job so my time is flexible but that doesn't mean I don't have a life and it doesn't mean that my time (or money) is less important.

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