Lost Raccoon (lostraccoon) wrote in bad_service,
Lost Raccoon

Who takes a month before shipping an order that's already complete?

I'm a cosplayer, and recently joined a club for a particular fandom. I ordered a prop from a person who's also a member of this club, and who sells various parts to other members.

I paid on July 7. At that time, the guy told me it would take 8-10 weeks for him to make my order.

Week 10 comes and goes without any message or package. I email the guy and ask where my order is. He hasn't made it yet, and refuses to give me a new estimate on when he will get to it. Literally tells me "People who order from us have to be very patient." The hell? People I pay money to have to keep their promises, and/or notify me if they realize they can't!

On Oct 27, I finally received an e-mail saying my order was done. That's 16 weeks. Fully double the amount of time I was originally quoted.

Two weeks after that e-mail, I haven't received the order yet. So I email and ask if there's any tracking I can use to figure out why I don't have my order. Today (two days later) I got an answer that he hasn't shipped my order yet, and might not do so for another 4 weeks. No explanation why. No other estimate on when it will ship.

I am beyond pissed. If there weren't so many other members vouching for this guy and his work, I would be convinced now that he had scammed me. I'm way past the point of being able to dispute the charge on paypal, so if he doesn't actually send me the order, I'll just be out ~$100 with nothing to show for it. And what possible reason can he have for letting it sit for a month or more before bothering to take it to a post office? I emailed him asking that question, but so far he's ignoring me (again).
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