Anna and Kinath (kathkin) wrote in bad_service,
Anna and Kinath

Fun with Dominos

A couple of days ago we got a Dominos flyer through our letter box - £5 off in compensation for a late order. I'm not sure I remember an order being late recently, but eh, it's clearly addressed to our flat and £5 off is £5 off.

Sunday evening me and my flatmate decide to order pizza, and she reminds me that we have a voucher. Should probably mention at this point: I'm quite content to order from Dominos, but my flatmate is typically a bit harder up than me and is generally only willing to order from them if we have a money off deal. So she's only ordering because we have this £5 off voucher.

Voucher proves troublesome as soon as it's time to check out, because there's no sign anywhere on it of a code to input on the website. I check, flatmates check, none of us can find anything except an instruction to give the flyer to the delivery driver. Okay. We decide to input it into the delivery instructions box, so they'll be expecting it, and place our order.

Delivery arrives, and I give the delivery man the flyer. He assumes the money's already been taken off, and I tell him it hasn't. He says we should have input the code, but I point out that there isn't one (which isn't hard to tell, cause there's not that much writing on the flyer). I tell him that we mentioned it in the delivery instructions, but he clearly knows nothing of this.

At this point we're both a bit stumped. Delivery man (who I should mention was nothing but polite throughout the whole exchange, none of this was his fault) takes back the pizzas and goes downstairs to call the manager and ask what to do. I go to get my flatmate, since she's more assertive than me, and also if we have to pay full price I need another couple of pounds.

Delivery man comes back and declines to take the voucher. He asks if we mentioned it to anyone over the phone, and we say it was an online order. He says the flyer says 'delivery or collection only', but that in no way excludes online orders, and we say so.

At this point we give up and pay full price, because we're hungry, and assure the delivery man that we're not angry with him. He comments that he 'never knows what to do with those flyers'.

Seriously, what are you meant to do with them? Is there something really obvious we missed? And regardless, why did neither the delivery driver nor his manager seem to know what we were supposed to have done? And apparently no-one actually reads the delivery instructions?

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