J (anguisel) wrote in bad_service,

Stupid shit.

So, I live in a somewhat duplex. Yesterday, my neighbor stops over from when I get home from work and informs me of this. She got Century Link for internet access. They hooked up her internet to MY CONNECTION. I have a different company for my internet so this is gonna be fun. So Tuesday, the idiots have to come back and rehook it up. Luckily I have that day off but god are they going to haaaaate me.

Bonus how I envision things going:

Edit: Sorry was tired when I did this post so I'll expand.

The tenants that were here before me spliced the hell out of the cable box to get free cable to the point when I got cable and asked for it to be connected, the cable company was going wtf at the box and almost disconnected my former neighbor for an illegal connection because they tapped into his cable line as well. To fix this, they had to redo the box and label for future maintenance. Century Link went in, saw the tenant two line(that's me), completely ignored the line that said tenant one, spliced it and went on their merry way. The reason that I posted the gif is that is how I envision things to go. Worse case scenario is a cascade that I will eventually have to call my own cable company to get my cable working if they knock my cable out fixing this.

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