Honorable Mikado of Nekosong (mikadosok) wrote in bad_service,
Honorable Mikado of Nekosong

The bank is getting worse every day

My husband and I have been with the same bank for, well....years. For us, it is convenient, it does have several stand alone, and in store ATM's, and, since all I have to do is put in my card, my number and slide in my paycheck (or whatever) for deposit, I like it.
However...not all is perfection in banking land.
We've been trying to get a consolidation loan from these people.
Now, I'm not qualified to get anything, since I'm in a debt managemant program. While I knew my credit score would go down...I did NOT expect it to go from over 700 to 500 in a matter of a few months. Of course, since you don't pay your credit cards, because you are making payments to an account to get them paid off, well....yeah. To the credit card companies, you're just not paying them. So...scores plummet. I'm not going to blame the debt management people. Much.
So, my husband does have good credit. We do have a loan with the bank. One of several we've had over the past years, and paid off in a timely, usually before they are due manner. He calls the loan person, gives his info, and waits.
and waits
and waits.
Four days later, he calls back. Talks to the guy, gives his info again, and waits.
and waits
and waits.

Finally, he calls again. Talks to the guy again. (same guy who made us wait over a week to let us know I cannot use my VA because of my credit score, which he knew an hour after he saw us) Gives him the info AGAIN.
Now, we are waiting...again. If this guy does not call on monday, with good news, yeah...hubby will start being the 'call on the hour every hour guy' Because this is just getting stupid.

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