Shinimegami (poofy_whit) wrote in bad_service,

I still don't see my glasses.

Back in mid-September, a family friend hosted a sort of eye-glasses party (think Tupperware, but with prescription lenses). The Glasses Lady is also an optometrist and lived several town over; so she would take the frames you chose, insert the lenses for your prescription, and then courier them to the seller.

The frames were *really* nice and much cheaper than in-store, so I bought a pair. We filled out the papers, I gave her my payment information, all is good. GL emails me several days later to confirm my lense prescription. And I start watching the mail.

October 29. It's been seven weeks and no glasses. (I know, that was a while. For some reason, I had the mail order mantra of "6-8 weeks for delivery" stuck in my head). I sent a polite & friendly email asking about the status of my order. I was thrilled when GL called me that same day, and apologised. She told me that the finished glasses had been mailed a while ago and she'd look for the tracking number and try to locate my apparently lost package. Yay! I didn't think to ask her to send me a copy of the tracking info until after.

So, today. Still no sign of a package. I sent another email, asking if GL had been able to find the tracking information for the courier. Her response:
"I am sending your glasses to you tomorrow.  I will be sending by mail but will send as fast as I can."
Wait, what the hell?! What happened to her claims that they'd been sent weeks ago? And so help me, if she sent my expensive pretty shiny new glasses by standard snail-mail, I'm gonna be pissed. I've sent a response asking GL to send me the tracking info. Let's see how this turns out.
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